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Here are some comments from a few of our many customers. Contact us here and we will be glad to give you the contact information for these and other references.

Dear Joe, there are times in life that “Thank You” just doesn’t seem enough and this is one of those times. Having said that, we would like to again extend our sincerest thank you’s and congratulate you on another job well done. What we envisioned, you made happen. What others said wasn’t possible, you made possible… and for that, we will always be grateful.

The “great room” and new outdoor patio projects exceeded our expectations and they definitely have the “wow” factor we were hoping for. It’s beautiful and we love it. One would never know this house wasn’t designed and built like this in the first place and all that have seen it, have validated that over and over again. We would like to also like to extend our gratitude in making it our best Christmas ever in this home. Everything about it added such joy to the occasion and the memories our family share will last a lifetime. You said you’d have it done by the holidays and even though we kept adding more and more things to your plate, you completed them all flawlessly.

Please convey our sincere thanks to Arnold and the entire crew for all their hard work and diligence. They were awesome. We had complete trust in their abilities from start to finish. Both you and your entire crew exuded nothing but absolute professionalism throughout the entire process and your customer service was beyond measure. Not only was everyone on your team professional and talented, your attention to details did not go unnoticed and was very impressive. In this day and age, we find that to be a rare quality. Everyone was prompt, courteous and thorough, kind, respectful and thoughtful. It was a you to watch such talented and dedicated people work together as a team. They bent over backwards to make this transition as easy on us as possible and believe me, it was! We never could have asked for more.

Please do not hesitate to let others know that they can contact us personally should they have any questions or concerns about anything.

We wish you and yours the best life has to offer and continued success. All In One Construction is the best and you’re the greatest!

Take care and God bless

I just want to say a personal thank you for the timely and efficient manner you coordinated the remodeling of our bedroom suite. I also appreciate your help assisting me insofar as making decisions that needed to be made, as well as helping Mark and me stay within our budgetary constraints. With a house this large, it is a very expensive undertaking. Please extend our thanks to Arnold for handling all aspects of this project. He did a superb job.

Bravo! An amazing orchestration of contractors today! The plumber, carpenter, tile guys, cabinet guy, drywall guy, granite guy... all working in harmony and efficiency. My hats is off to you and Arnold! The craftsmanship of everything is impeccable and the tile work is a piece of art. Without question, this is going to be one amazing bathroom!